Dry Branch Stables had a really nice TINY blue eyed black pinto colt born in early morning hours, 3/5/22. Smallest we have had born here! Im guessing he will be homozygous tobiano and possibly carry the splash gene, but has not been tested. I will be surprised if he makes it to 30 inches mature height. His bloodlines include multi-champion Lucky Four Shadowbuck Johnny Angel,
Roko Lotto Splash of Panche, Alliance Forgotten Desires! Will be A and R Registered. Even Bite. 

DOB 4/13/2022

Dry Branch Stables had a beautiful sorrel colt with a really nice blaze. He will be AMHA and AMHR Registered. He is going to stay small. His sire is our 28.5 inch appaloosa stallion Happy Times Comanche Moon. His side includes 4W Starkeeper, Glory Be Farms Chocolate Chip, and Lucky Four Chips Emerald Bey. His dam is Harlwood Starlet that is 28.5 inches as well. Shes a direct daughter of multi champion stallion 4W Starkeeper and Heritage Lacey Warbuck. AWESOME lines on both side!!!! Will be interesting to see what's under all that hair. He will be looking for a new zip code at weaning. 

Dry Branch's Butterscotch Bucky
DOB: 05/20/2022.
AMHA/AMHR Registered.

What a looker with bloodlines that are hard to find! Royally Bred!!!! Bucky is a superior small buckskin pinto colt with 2 hazle eyes and nice blaze that should mature around 30 inches.....maybe under!!!! Extremely nice top line with a small dishface head! Perfect bite! Nice mover as well!!!! Should be a color producer! Superior bloodlines on top and bottom! Sires lines go back to Lucky Four Shadowbuck Johnny Angel which is a top 10 World Champion producer and Little Kings Black Velvet. His dam is WF Seductress that is a direct daughter out of the late and famous Get Of Sire and multichampion Glenns General Patton!! This boy really needs to be in a show home!!
Will be looking for a new zip code in October.